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Código Portada Portada


Portada ᐧ ƒPortada ᐧ {{Portada}}




0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c𝟘𝟙𝟚𝟛𝟜𝟝𝟞𝟟𝟠𝟡𝕒𝕓𝕔𝕕



# Unicode Name and keywords Emoji Noto Color Emoji Pie Twitter Emoji Emoji One Emoji One BW Firefox OS Emoji Phantom Open Emoji OpenMoji Color OpenMoji Black
1 1f600 grinning face
(face, grin, grinning face)
2 1f603 grinning face with big eyes
(face, grinning face with big eyes, mouth, open, smile)
3 1f604 grinning face with smiling eyes
(eye, face, grinning face with smiling eyes, mouth, open, smile)
4 1f601 beaming face with smiling eyes
(beaming face with smiling eyes, eye, face, grin, smile)
5 1f606 grinning squinting face
(face, grinning squinting face, laugh, mouth, satisfied, smile)
6 1f605 grinning face with sweat
(cold, face, grinning face with sweat, open, smile, sweat)
7 1f923 rolling on the floor laughing
(face, floor, laugh, rolling, rolling on the floor laughing)
8 1f602 face with tears of joy
(face, face with tears of joy, joy, laugh, tear)
9 1f642 slightly smiling face
(face, slightly smiling face, smile)
10 1f643 upside-down face
(face, upside-down)
11 1f609 winking face
(face, wink, winking face)
12 1f60a smiling face with smiling eyes
(blush, eye, face, smile, smiling face with smiling eyes)
13 1f607 smiling face with halo
(angel, face, fantasy, halo, innocent, smiling face with halo)
14 1f970 smiling face with hearts
(adore, crush, hearts, in love, smiling face with hearts)
15 1f60d smiling face with heart-eyes
(eye, face, love, smile, smiling face with heart-eyes)
16 1f929 star-struck
(eyes, face, grinning, star, star-struck, starry-eyed)
17 1f618 face blowing a kiss
(face, face blowing a kiss, kiss)
18 1f617 kissing face
(face, kiss, kissing face)
19 263a smiling face
(face, outlined, relaxed, smile, smiling face)
20 1f61a kissing face with closed eyes
(closed, eye, face, kiss, kissing face with closed eyes)
21 1f619 kissing face with smiling eyes
(eye, face, kiss, kissing face with smiling eyes, smile)
22 1f972 smiling face with tear
(grateful, proud, relieved, smiling, smiling face with tear, tear, touched)
23 1f60b face savoring food
(delicious, face, face savoring food, savouring, smile, yum)
24 1f61b face with tongue
(face, face with tongue, tongue)
25 1f61c winking face with tongue
(eye, face, joke, tongue, wink, winking face with tongue)
26 1f92a zany face
(eye, goofy, large, small, zany face)
27 1f61d squinting face with tongue
(eye, face, horrible, squinting face with tongue, taste, tongue)
28 1f911 money-mouth face
(face, money, money-mouth face, mouth)
29 1f917 hugging face
(face, hug, hugging)
30 1f92d face with hand over mouth
(face with hand over mouth, whoops, shock, sudden realization, surprise)
31 1f92b shushing face
(quiet, shush, shushing face)
32 1f914 thinking face
(face, thinking)
33 1f910 zipper-mouth face
(face, mouth, zipper, zipper-mouth face)
34 1f928 face with raised eyebrow
(distrust, face with raised eyebrow, skeptic, disapproval, disbelief, mild surprise, scepticism)
35 1f610 neutral face
(deadpan, face, meh, neutral)
36 1f611 expressionless face
(expressionless, face, inexpressive, meh, unexpressive)
37 1f636 face without mouth
(face, face without mouth, mouth, quiet, silent)
38 1f60f smirking face
(face, smirk, smirking face)
39 1f612 unamused face
(face, unamused, unhappy)
40 1f644 face with rolling eyes
(eyeroll, eyes, face, face with rolling eyes, rolling)
41 1f62c grimacing face
(face, grimace, grimacing face)
42 1f925 lying face
(face, lie, lying face, pinocchio)
43 1f60c relieved face
(face, relieved)
44 1f614 pensive face
(dejected, face, pensive)
45 1f62a sleepy face
(face, sleep, sleepy face)
46 1f924 drooling face
(drooling, face)
47 1f634 sleeping face
(face, sleep, sleeping face, zzz)
48 1f637 face with medical mask
(cold, doctor, face, face with medical mask, mask, sick)
49 1f912 face with thermometer
(face, face with thermometer, ill, sick, thermometer)
50 1f915 face with head-bandage
(bandage, face, face with head-bandage, hurt, injury)
51 1f922 nauseated face
(face, nauseated, vomit)
52 1f92e face vomiting
(face vomiting, sick, vomit)
53 1f927 sneezing face
(face, gesundheit, sneeze, sneezing face)
54 1f975 hot face
(feverish, heat stroke, hot, hot face, red-faced, sweating)
55 1f976 cold face
(blue-faced, cold, cold face, freezing, frostbite, icicles)
56 1f974 woozy face
(dizzy, intoxicated, tipsy, uneven eyes, wavy mouth, woozy face)
57 1f635 dizzy face
(dizzy, face)
58 1f92f exploding head
(exploding head, mind blown, shocked)
59 1f920 cowboy hat face
(cowboy, cowgirl, face, hat)
60 1f973 partying face
(celebration, hat, horn, party, partying face)