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It's a contraction of "aviation gas-soaked crate". So, I offer: "... un cacharro empapado en gasolina de aviación..." Doesn't have the same oomph, does it? Ah, well... Good luck!. Daniel Franco (wordreference.com)


a place everyone wants to get the hell out of.. "nobody that graduates from my school goes to an out of state college. fuck that, i'm getting the hell out of dodge..." Urban Dictionary.

"Get the heck out of dodge" basically means "get the heck out of here, and fast." I believe the phrase is a remnant of the days of the Old West, in particular in Dodge City, Kansas, when criminals were exiled, and told to "get the heck out of Dodge (before they got their butts blown off). GenJen54. Wordreference.com. It's used when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Dodge=escabullirse. "get out of Dodge" es como "salir rápido de aquí". Tchaiky


hildish euphimism for buttocks. Urbandictionary. Luego "kicking their heinies" es algo así como "patearles el pompi, o el trasero". Tchaiky


Read up on Schopenhauer's "Will." Bastards are the beings that are born despite what anyone else involved wants or plans. We force our way into the world; we are the Ubermunchkins. Munch on that. Gavi Bastard born and Bastard bred.

BN member.

I've heard this term several times at RAS.com. I believe the correct definition of this is a character who is overly powerful or conveniently resourceful in the extreme, to the point where his/her continued successes appear far too contrived. Has this problem been the reason, for the most part, for past failures of add-ventures?