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De Wikilibros, la colección de libros de texto de contenido libre.
ES: Este pagina no funciona correcto con muchos móviles.
DE: Auf vielen mobilen Geräten sind NICHT alle Funktionen dieser Seite verfügbar.
EN: This site does NOT have all functions on many mobile devices.


The audio files in lesson 001 to 054 are in OGG-format. Beginning with lesson 055 the audio files are in mp3-format. The Browsers under Windows (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) can read them them. macOS (OS X, Apple, iPhone, Mac) can not read the OGG-format. But the files are automaticly transcribed in Commons to the mp3-format. So you can listen to them with macOS devices (iPhone etc.).

With Android-devices there sould be no problems with the audio files.

Test Audios in OOG-audio-format[editar]


Test Audios in wav-audio-format[editar]

example (bees)


Test Audios in mp3-audio-format[editar]

example file in mp3


Problems with translation and collapsible text[editar]

The solutions are covered as a collapsible text. Under macOS (iPhone etc.) the collapsible text is constantly open, you can't close the solutions. BUT whe you switch from "mobile" to "classical" (at the bottom of every page), the collapsible function will work fine.

Under android the the collapsible function doesn't work. The solutions are constantly open (without a collapsing button). The only workaround to not see the solutions ist to scroll a little bit down, so that the solutions are invisible outside the display. Switching the android Chrome browser setting to "desktop browser website" doesn't solve this problem.

To use all functions of this language course you should work on a computer with Windows (not tested on Linux an Mac-Computer) because the functions are originally only developed for desktop computers: Almost all new words are translated. These words are with a dotted underline. Hover with you cursor over this word and a info box will pop open with the translation - sometimes with additional information like: tenses, plural, examples, similar words etc. This function is NOT available in mobile devices under Android or macOS. Another function NOT available under Android and macOS ist the marking of the unvisible solutions with a cursor to make the visible. See for instance Lesson 011, first exercise (Solution of exercis 470)

Test - collapsibel solutions[editar]

Problems with collapsible text. On some mobile devices the text is not collapsible or totally invissible.

Lösung - solutions
Wer hat Unterricht? - Michael, Thomas und ich haben Unterricht.
Wer hat Unterricht? - Andreas, Wolfgang und ich haben Unterricht.
Wer hat Unterricht? - Jürgen und Brigitte haben Unterricht.
Was kaufen sie? - Sie kaufen einen Schirm, einen Anorak und einen Mantel.
Was kaufen sie? - Sie kaufen einen Pullover, Schuhe und ein Hemd.
Was macht Werner? - Er übersetzt Beispiele, schreibt Sätze und liest Briefe.
Wie spricht Birgit? - Sie spricht laut, deutlich und richtig.
Wie spricht Birgit? - Sie spricht leise, undeutlich und falsch.

Test - dotted underlined words[editar]

You can make the tranlation or additional information visible. When you hover with the mouse over the underlines word, a info box should pop oben near the word.

Test: der, die oder das?
  1. Familie
  2. Stadt
  3. Kaufhaus
  4. Pullover
  5. Paar
  6. Handschuh
  7. Schuh

Test - mark the solution text[editar]

You can make the correct solution visible, when you mark this area with your cursor.

  1. Familie - ⇒die Familie
  2. Stadt - ⇒die Stadt
  3. Kaufhaus - ⇒das Kaufhaus
  4. Pullover - ⇒der Pullover
  5. Paar - ⇒das Paar
  6. Handschuh - ⇒der Handschuh
  7. Schuh - ⇒der Schuh

Lösung 470
  1. Familie - ⇒die Familie
  2. Stadt - ⇒die Stadt
  3. Kaufhaus - ⇒das Kaufhaus
  4. Pullover - ⇒der Pullover
  5. Paar - ⇒das Paar
  6. Handschuh - ⇒der Handschuh
  7. Schuh - ⇒der Schuh