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Norma I. Scagnoli works as Director of elearning at the [| College of Business ] at the University of Illinois. She has been involved in research on online learning in the last 10 years and she has extensive experience in national and international projects. Her most important achievements in Wikibooks are the initiation of the following books: [| Blended Learning in K-12], Aprendizaje colaborativo and Aprendizaje combinado

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Norma I. Scagnoli trabaja como Directora de eLearning en la [| Universidad de Illinois]. Su trabajo de investigación en eLearning y [| Tecnologías Educativas] data de 1998. Tuebe tres libros publicados en Wikilibros con sus estudiantes, ellos son [| Blended Learning in K-12], Aprendizaje colaborativo y Aprendizaje combinado