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Introducción a Patrones de Diseño en C++ con Qt4/C.5.1 jEdit

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C.5.1. jEdit

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jEdit, shown in Figure C.3, is a mature, open-source, programmer's text editor. Because it is written entirely in Java, it works across all platforms. Its keyboard configurability is very flexible - any action can be bound to a primary and an alternate shortcut. With the help of plugins, it is a very powerful cross-platform C++ editor/IDE.

To install it, first download a recent (1.5.0 or later) version of the Java Development Kit (JDK), and then download the latest (development) version of jEdit.

To turn jEdit into a full featured C++ IDE, install the following:

Figure C.3. Jedit 4.3 Jedit 4.3

[Tip] Tip

Check the keyboard configurability, Global Options -> Shortcuts. Notice that all actions, from jEdit, Plugins or macros, can be bound to shortcuts. Look for Macros/C/ToggleHeaderSource, and bind it to something you will remember. [Tip] Tip

After you have included some plugins, check out the Global Options -> Docking and dock some of the plugin's dockables to the sides of your edit window.

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