Introducción a Patrones de Diseño en C++ con Qt4/C.4 Asistente Qt y Diseñador

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C.4. Qt Assistant and Designer

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Qt comes with two developer's tools: assistant and designer.

Assistant is an extensible help browser, similar to a Web browser, but it supports various builtin search and index capabilities.

Designer not only showcases most of Qt's widgets, it also permits you to create and lay out customized dialogs and widgets. After you are finished designing your UI, Designer can write the following files for you:


   An xml file, which represents a tree of objects and properties.
   uic, or the “UI compiler”, comes with Qt, and generates C++ code from this xml file. uic gets run automatically from make, because qmake generates a Makefile which runs uic on all .ui files in the project.

   Designer can open and manipulate qmake project files, adding forms to the projects. 


   C++ source code that is meant to be inserted into generated code by uic. 

Qt Assistant provides tutorials for using the latest version of Qt Designer.

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