Inglés elementario/Los trabajo presente

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Welcome to the second unit of the Elementary Spanish guide! Congratulations on your hard work so far.

In these lessons you will learn how to talk about jobs. Like the last unit "Family 1" the material in this unit will will be in the present tense so it will focus on talking about the job you have today or your conversation partner's job.

By the end you will be able to talk about basic kinds of jobs and working environments as well as share your opinions about them.


Just like the last unit, all of these lessons focus on the same topic but each one is focused on the material you need to talk with different groups of people. You should start with the first lessons, "1. Talking with each other", and then proceed to the rest as you have time. The language exchange events will only focus on these "Talking with each other" lessons so no need to worry if you do not have time for the other ones before the next meeting.