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Inglés/Vocabulario/De compras

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Dialogue A[editar]

A: I went shopping at the supermarket.

B: Really! What did you buy?

A: Nothing. I wanted to buy a car, but they didn't sell any. They only rent them.

Vocabulary A[editar]

shopping - de compras

supermarket - supermercado

buy - comprar

sell - vender

rent - rentar, alquilar

rental - de alquiler, de renta

Purchasing - procuramiento

lend - prestar (prestador)

borrow - prestar (pedidor)

Dialogue B[editar]

(In a shop: "A" is a customer and "B" is an employee).

A: Excuse me, how much does this product cost?

B: Five hundred dollars.

A: That's too expensive. Do you have a cheaper one?

B: We have this one. It costs one hundred and fifty dollars.

A: Wonderful. May I pay with a credit card?

B: I'm sorry, we only accept cash.

Vocabulary B[editar]

shop tienda, Taller

store tienda

customer cliente

employee empleado

cost costar

clerk dependiente

waiter camarero(a)

expensive caro

inexpensive barato

cheap barato (vulgar)

pay pagar, pago

credit card tarjeta de crédito

cash en efectivo