Discusión:Curso multimedia de idioma y cultura para inmigrantes - Nivel A2

De Wikilibros, la colección de libros de texto de contenido libre.
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Apologies for writing in English: an automated translation of this page is available here.

Credits for the work, source: www.asev.it, license: CC-BY-SA 3.0, OTRS: Ticket:2012070310003661.

I am an OTRS volunteer and I am publishing these free educational resources on behalf of Asev. Please note that a text version of the files is available! But unfortunately it cannot be uploaded on Wikimedia sites since MediaWiki does not accept .doc or .odt files. So if you are interested in developing this textbook, do contact me or your local OTRS volunteers to get the files, and in the meantime please improve the description page or fix the credits part, you're more than welcome. Thank you for your understanding. --Elitre (discusión) 14:09 21 mar 2013 (UTC)[responder]